Peru Guide for Tourists available in English and Spanish, soon in other languages

Peruvian Deputy Minister of Tourism, Claudia Cornejo, introduced the Spanish and English versions of the Essential Guide for Tourists visiting Peru today at a local ceremony in Lima.

Peru Guide for Tourists

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism also announced that Peru’s Essential Guide for Tourists will be translated into Japanesse, Portuguesse and German, making it available in five languages.

The document is intended to serve as a tool to provide useful information regarding procedures and requirements necessary for tourists visiting the country.

“We have coordinated with different national institutions associated with the entry, stay and departure of people and goods into the country, so the Guide is a compilation of all procedures, forms and lists of goods allowed to enter by sea, land or air”, said Cornejo.

The Essential Guide for Tourists includes complementary information regarding personal and non-personal goods that are permitted to enter the country. It also contains information regarding customs duties and immigration procedures, plus a brief explanation of the temporary import of vehicles for personal use and traveling.

Approximately 25 percent of tourists who visited Peru in 2010 were English speakers; consequently, the government considered important translating the Guide into English.

The English version in PDF can be downloaded here and the Spanish version here.

A printed version of the Guide will be distributed at major check points in the country, iPeru offices nationwide and at Jorge Chavez international airport in Lima. The Guide will also be available at foreign embassies and consulates in Peru.

According to Cornejo “This guide is the first document of this nature in countries of the South American region, making it a comparative advantage over other countries. However, Mexico has a similar document that has not been thought of in terms of the final consumer and turned out to be a more complex and fairly large document with all kinds of legalese”.